UK-India Young Professionals Scheme: 3,000 Visas Per Year

UK-India Young Professionals Scheme: 3,000 Visas Per Year

The UK government has approved 3,000 visas for young Indian professionals to work in the UK every year. Under the UK-India Young Professionals Scheme, the UK will offer 3,000 places to 18-30-year-old degree-holder Indian nationals to come to the UK to live and work for two years. 

The UK Prime Minister’s Office tweeted, “Today the UK-India Young Professionals Scheme was confirmed, offering 3,000 places to 18-30-year-old degree-educated Indian nationals to come to the UK to live and work for up to two years.”

Long-Lasting Partnership

Launching the UK-India Young Professionals Scheme is considered an important moment for the relations of both countries and as an effort to encourage the better implementation of the ongoing free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations, expected to last until March 2023.

Such an FTA will be the first agreement of this type India has made with a country in Europe and would establish the UK-India trading relationship, expected to generate ₤24 billion every year.

The two countries have a long-lasting partnership, with the UK having the most links in the Pacific region with India, with nearly a quarter of international students in the UK coming from India and the investment in the UK enabling 95,000 jobs in the country.

According to the UK Home Office data, 118,000 Indian students had been granted a student visa in the UK in June, recording an 89 percent increase in visas issued compared to the previous year and overtaking China as the main country of origin for students in the UK.

High rates of visa issuance for Indian nationals were also noticed among those applying for other purposes outside studying, with the total number of visas granted reaching 258,000 in the year ending June 2022 – 630 percent more than in the previous year.

As per work visas, Indians received 148 percent more of those in 2022 compared to the previous year, reaching a total of 103,000 work visas granted.

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