Do It Yourself Schengen Visa Application – Estonia

Do It Yourself Schengen Visa Application – Estonia

Schengen Visa Application from the UK to Estonia


So, you are not a British or EU citizen and currently living in the UK and thinking of travelling to Estonia but dreading getting that coveted Schengen Visa? If you are one of these nationals, Instead of searching google and going around the houses, Just follow the three steps below and in no time you will find yourself exploring the city of Tallinn.  

immigration and migration schengen visa information

Step 1. Book your itinerary

  • Check out online services to get cheaper flights and accommodation. The earlier you book them the cheaper the options are and do not forget your travel insurance.

TIPS: You need confirmed bookings for your Schengen Visa in the UK. The embassies generally say you do not need to have paid for them, but you will likely find out that the person at the centre will not accept your application without these.

  • Get cheap travel to Estonia using Flixbus: Book your ticket or request a reservation from our travel team.
  • Get Hotels & Accommodation from or request a reservation from our travel team. 
  • Get Insurance from Worldfirst Travel insurance or request travel insurance from our travel team
immigration and migration schengen visa information

Step 2. Fill out your application form and book your appointment

  • Make sure you know the VISA Center (London)
  • Create your application form here
  • Book your appointment over the phone (020 78 38 53 88) during the following times: Monday 2 pm – 5 pm, Tuesday – Friday 10 am – 1 pm

TIP 2: If you want our team to complete your application form and make sure that everything is correct, then complete the simple Schengen Visa Application form online to avoid mistakes. We can make relevant changes without you having to worry.

TIP3: If you are struggling, or you just want someone to do it for you, contact our bookings team to get your booking at the right Consulate. We offer a money-back guarantee on bookings.

Step 3. Prepare the rest of your documents

  • Passport Size Photo
  • BRP Card Copy
  • Original Passport
  • Travel Itinerary (Flight/Train/Bus + Hotel + Insurance)
  • Last 3 months bank statement
  • Proof of Occupation

Once you have the appointment and the documents in order, get yourself to the visa submission centre at 44 Queen’s Gate Terrace LONDON SW7 5PJ

Make sure you get there in plenty of time and with the correct documents and you should be finished in around ½ hour or so.

If you worry about having the correct documents in order, then again, get in touch with our Schengen Visas verification teamand we will make sure that you don’t get rejected or sent back & forth getting things in order.

It takes a couple of weeks (in general) to get your visa issued in time. So plan in advance.

Remember you cannot submit your application more than three months prior to the start of your trip. 

For a more detailed guide, see here

Do not want to go through the hassle but would love to enjoy a trip to the beautiful Kadriorg Park, or to Pirita Beach for a picnic by the Baltic Sea? Check this Schengen Visa Application From the UK to Estonia

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