Eurostar Introduces New Flexible Tickets

Eurostar Introduces New Flexible Tickets

Eurostar has just unveiled its latest game-changer for travellers: new flexible tickets that promise to simplify and enhance your travel experience.

Starting this November, Eurostar passengers can take advantage of a groundbreaking policy allowing them to exchange their tickets without incurring any extra fees. This means travellers can adjust their plans as many times as needed, making travel plans far less stressful.

The company is doubling down on customer satisfaction, ensuring that all passengers across classes experience top-notch service when it comes to refunds and exchanges for European travel.

This move is aimed at elevating the overall customer experience, making it easier for travellers to modify bookings should their circumstances shift.

Another significant change made by Eurostar is the simplification of travel classes. The company has waived goodbye to the old distinctions of Standard, Standard Premier, and Business Premier classes and instead has introduced a new approach with the following three new travel classes:

  • Eurostar Standard
  • Eurostar Plus
  • Eurostar Premier

No Additional Cost

Just like before, Eurostar stressed that it will continue to provide tickets for all of its classes without any additional cost.

This means that all passengers on Eurostar journeys will still be able to benefit from the generous baggage allowance without a luggage fee and no seat booking fee.

Exchanges of tickets will also be free of charge. As explained, passengers who travel in Eurostar Standard, as well as Eurostar Plus, can exchange their tickets without any fee as many times as needed until one hour before departure.

Passengers can also ask for a refund until seven days before their departure date.

Since April 24, sales for Eurostar’s new travel classes have been available for travel starting in November 2024. Ticket holders will have the convenience of managing changes directly through the app, without dealing with any additional complexities.

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