Deciding Factors When Getting a Private Medical Treatment Visitor Visa

Deciding Factors When Getting a Private Medical Treatment Visitor Visa

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Thinking of getting a Private Medical Treatment Visitor Visa to the UK?

The UK constantly ranks as one of the best countries in the world to receive Private Medical Treatment.  There's a constant debate on the countries that produce the best doctors in the world. Below you will find a list of the Seven countries that produce the best doctors in the world.

Even doctors debate on which countries produce the best doctors for private medical treatment. Trained medics in the USA argue on which country produce the best doctors. Nonetheless, many agree that due to the skills vacuum of the US (referred to as a “brain drain”), many doctors are re-locating to the US.

Either way, there is  little debate that the United Kingdom and the US are the leaders in medical treatment. The UK has a history of medicine that is unrivalled. When going for Private Medical Treatment, most people have heard of Harley Street as THE leading destination for exclusive and pioneering health treatment. So what is it like to get a private medical treatment visitor visa?

List Of Seven Countries that Produce the Best Doctors:

  1. USA
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Germany
  4. Switzerland
  5. Australia
  6. Austria
  7. Greece

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The UK's history of medicine is also founded on its NHS, which delivers free, at the point of access, medical treatment.

So why might you want to get healthcare and the resulting private medical treatment visit visa? Deciding factors to consider when getting private medical treatment is that:

  • the treatment isn't available on the NHS. For example, cosmetic surgery
  • there's a long NHS waiting list and you don't want to wait
  • you want to choose the date for a hospital operation
  • you want to be treated by a consultant of your choice
  • you want a second opinion on treatment you've had on the NHS
  • health screening.

So once you've decided that the UK is the destination for you, our UK immigration lawyers will simplify the process of obtaining a private medical treatment visitor visa for the UK.

The private medical visit visa has now been replaced by the standard visit visa for UK immigration purposes. The complexities of a visit visa for private medical conditions are still just as complicated under the old private medical treatment visitors visa provisions.

private medical treatment visitor visa - iamIAM have been successful in obtaining private medical treatment visitors visas for our clients. The documentation we request from you include a detailed examination into the medical treatment that you will undergoing and confirming that all the paperwork requirements for a private medical treatment visitors visa are met prior to your visa application submission.

Generally, a UK visit visa is granted for a period of up to six months. But for the private medical visitors visa, this period can be up to a period of 11 months in order for your recuperation to be supervised  by your doctors and healthcare professionals.

The detailed full requirements can be found on our  private medical visit visa pages where you can start your application for a UK visitor visa for medical treatment or request a full or free consultation.

Our team of regulated immigration lawyers can submit your application up to three months in advance and ensure that your UK visitor visa is granted on time for you to complete the rest of your travel arrangements. Contact us to start your private medical treatment visitor visa to the UK.



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