Lisbon Set to Double Tourist Tax: What Travellers Need to Know

Lisbon Set to Double Tourist Tax: What Travellers Need to Know

Travellers planning a trip to Portugal should be aware of an upcoming increase in the “tourist tax” in Lisbon.

Starting soon, tourists staying in Lisbon will be required to pay €4 per night spent at accommodation facilities.

This change comes as the city council approved a doubling of the fee, which applies to anyone staying overnight in Lisbon.

While travellers to Lisbon already pay a tourist tax, local authorities are now considering raising the fee.

The proposed plan is currently undergoing a 30-day consultation period before implementation, with all proceeds allocated for maintaining the city's infrastructure. 

Mayor Carlos Moedas announced the increase from €2 (£1.40) per person/night to €4 per person (£3.40).

“Increasing the tourist tax is fair for Lisbon residents, it is fair for the city, so it’s a decision I’ve taken, but obviously I want to do it with a great deal of consensus with those who are the most important people in the sector, from hotels to restaurants. I’ll always do everything I can to reduce taxes for Lisbon residents, I’ve done it with the reduction in IRS (personal income tax), which we’re already at 4.5 per cent and, by the end of the mandate, we’ll reach five per cent – but at the same time tourists have to contribute more to our city.”

Mayor Carlos Moedas

Those arriving by sea, including cruise ship passengers, may also face increased fees. The Port of Lisbon Authority has introduced a tourist tax of €2 per cruise guest, regardless of whether they stay overnight. Cruise lines are required to pay this fee via the Janela Unica Logistica platform.

Cruise lines have the option to include this charge in their packages or pass it on to passengers, so holidaymakers should be prepared for possible additional fees.

The Algarve’s Tourist Tax

The Algarve, Portugal's leading tourist destination known for its stunning beaches, is now implementing a tourist tax. The city of Portimão, nestled in this picturesque region, has recently joined other municipalities like Villa Real de Santo Antonio, Faro, and Olhão in collecting this tax from visitors.

This new measure aims to generate substantial revenue for the region, albeit at the potential expense of budget-conscious holidaymakers. The tax rates vary depending on the season, with visitors paying €1 per night between November and March and €2 per night during the high season from April to October.

The tax applies to various types of accommodations, including hotels, tourist apartments, resorts, and camping facilities. However, certain categories, such as children under 13 years old and disabled guests with a disability level of 60% or more, are exempt from paying the fee.

Additionally, specific conditions exempt local and foreign students at the University of Algarve, provided they spend their vacations at the beginning of the academic year and stay no more than 60 consecutive days. Guests staying for medical treatment or under a proven offer from a tourist enterprise are also exempt from the tax.

Being aware of these fees will help travellers budget effectively for their visits to Portugal's capital city and avoid any surprises during their stay in Portugal.

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