Post Study Work Options: How to Get a Work Visa in Slovakia After Studies

Post Study Work Options: How to Get a Work Visa in Slovakia After Studies

The Slovak Republic is situated in Central Europe, sharing borders with Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine and Hungary. Although the country is much less visited than its more touristy neighbours, Slovakia is an amazing country full of natural landscapes, beautiful mountains, medieval castles, and magnificent architecture.

The Slovak economy has been rapidly growing ever since it joined the EU more than fifteen years ago, making the country an increasingly attractive destination for international students and future job seekers to get their degree.

Slovakia is now one of the biggest car-producing countries in the world. Modern technologies are being applied not only in the car industry but also for example in the production of audio-visual home appliances.

Slovakia is a country within the Schengen Area and part of the European Union (EU). The country adopts the same visa processes with the EU, which means your permit to stay in the country depends on your nationality.

This article is a guide to getting your post-study visas in Slovakia. Interested in your post-study options in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australian, New Zealand, or other European countries? Check out our other post-study articles!

Now, let's see your post study options in Slovakia.

International students from countries in the EU/EEA and Switzerland do not need another permit to continue to stay and work in the country as long as you have confirmed residence in Slovakia. Your residence as an EU national is valid for five years and can be renewed. You are also entitled to a permanent residence permit if you have lived in Slovakia for five uninterrupted years.

International students from third-countries need a residence to continue to live in Slovakia after completing their undergraduate, masters degree or PhD in the country. Work permits are needed for third-country nationals if they did not complete their studies in Slovakia.

A foreign national in Slovakia may apply for one of the following types of residence:

  • Temporary residence – permits issued for study, employment or family reunification
  • Permanent residence – permits issued for for the purpose of a family reunion with your Slovak family member or in case you have had several years of continuous legal residence in Slovakia
  • Tolerated residence – a special type of residence, which can be granted to a foreign national exceptionally for a short time period (maximum of 180 days)  in order to overcome a specific situation

Here are your residence permit options if you decide to work in the country as a graduate of Slovakia’s higher institution.

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Temporary Residence

Temporary residence allows the third-country national to stay legally in Slovakia and to travel abroad and back during the period for which the residence was granted. The first temporary residence may be granted for various time periods depending on the purpose of residence. If the purpose of residence persists and the foreign national continues to meet the conditions for residence, temporary residence may be renewed for up to three or five years depending on its purpose or qualify for a permanent residence permit.

However, if the purpose of residence for which the temporary residence was granted changes, the foreign national has to apply for a new residence. The application should be submitted to the Foreign Police Department competent for the place of residence prior to the expiration of your current permit and the application must be submitted in the Slovak language. A decision will be issued within 30 to 90 days of the date of receiving the application.

Temporary Residence for Jobseekers or Start a Business

Students who completed their university education in Slovakia (full degree studies) can apply for the renewal of their temporary residence after the completion of their studies, for the purpose of job seeking or starting a business. In this case, it can be prolonged for 9 months. Once you get a work contract later on you would need to go to foreign police and ask for residence permit for employment or for business.

To apply, you need to prepare the following:

  • application form
  • original of passport and RP card
  • bank statement
  • proof of accommodation 
  • 2 identical colour photos
  • notary copy of diploma certificate
  • document proving a clear criminal record

*Additional requirement may be requested

Temporary Residence for Employment

Once you find a job, you can ask for a residence permit for employment. This permit is valid for a maximum period of two years.

To apply, you must prepare the following documents:

  • application form 
  • 2 identical colour photos 
  • proof of payment of the administrative fee
  • a valid passport and your current residence permit card (the card must be valid on the day of submission)
  • document proving the purpose of residence (promise of employment or labor contract) 
  • proof of accommodation 
  • notary copy of your Diploma certificate from University
  • confirmation of employer, that you do not need a work permit
  • proof of financial means – as of July 2020, the amount of minimum subsistence is  € 214.83/month or € 2 577.96 for 12 months
  • document proving a clear criminal record

* Additional requirement may be required

You will submit these documents at the foreign police and within 90 days you will get a residence permit for employment. 

Temporary Residence for Business

May be granted to an executive of a commercial company for the foreseen duration of business or a maximum of 3 years and can be renewed.

  • valid passport
  • 2 identical colour photos 
  • business plan or document confirming the authorisation to do business
  • document proving a clear criminal record
  • confirmation of accommodation
  • document of financial coverage of residence
  • document on financial coverage of business activity
  • document on feasibility and sustainability of the business activity

* Additional documents may be needed

EU Blue Card

Blue Card is a type of temporary residence, which is issued to third-country nationals for the purpose of highly qualified employment in Slovakia. The basic requirement for acquiring the Blue Card is higher professional qualification in the form of university education. Blue Card entitles you to enter, reside and work in Slovakia, to travel abroad and back.

Your application should be submitted to Foreign Police Department according to the place of residence or at the Embassy of the Slovak Republic if you are outside Slovakia.

You need to prepare the following documents:

  • application form
  • valid passport
  • 2 colour photos
  • employment contract (minimum duration must be 1 year, minimum agreed salary must be 1.5 times the wage in Slovak national economy in the relevant field), or a promise of employment 
  • document on recognition of education 
  • Criminal Registry Extract from the country of origin and the countries of residence of the foreigner during the last 3 years for more than 90 days during 6 consecutive months
  • Proof of  accommodation in Slovakia
  • Additional documents may be required

The Blue Card is issued for a period of 4 years, or if the duration of the employment relationship is shorter than 4 years, the Foreign Police Department will issue a Blue Card for the duration of the employment relationship extended by 90 days.

Permanent Residence

A permanent residence permit entitles foreign nationals to long-term residence in Slovakia as well as journeys abroad and back. It is a more stable type of residence, which is granted to foreign nationals for a longer period than temporary residence.

Foreign nationals with permanent residence permit enjoy the same rights and duties as all citizens of the Slovak republic in most areas of life.

Once you have legally resided in Slovakia for an uninterrupted period of at least 5 years directly prior to the submission of the application, your permanent residence will be valid for five years.

After four years of having a permanent residence, you may be granted an unlimited permanent residence permit upon renewal.

You should prepare the following documents:

  • purpose of residence
  • no criminal record
  • financial coverage
  • document of accommodation
  • financial means – As of July 2020, you should have at least  € 2,577.96 
  • health insurance

* Additional documents may be required

Naturalised Citizenship

Third-country nationals can be granted Slovak citizenship if you have uninterrupted permanent residence for at least eight years immediately preceding submission of the application. You must also meet the following conditions:

  • undergo a probity check according to the Act on Citizenship of the Slovak Republic – clear criminal record
  • proof of your knowledge of the Slovak language
  • proof of  a general knowledge about the Slovak Republic

To apply, you must prepare the following:

  • brief Curriculum Vitae
  • valid ID
  • Birth certificate
  • Document proving the applicant’s marital status
  • Document proving the applicant’s residence permit;
  • Document proving clear criminal record

* Additional documents may be required

The Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic will review your application and will issue their decision within 24 months from delivery of the application.

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