Tier 4 student visa

Tier 4 student visa

Wondering how to extend your Student Visa or how to switch Tier, read here the options you have after Tier 4 Student Visa.


This is the route to take employment after you graduate. The initial visa is granted for three years with a right to extend it for further two years. After five years, you have a right to apply for an indefinite leave to remain.

Your employer should be listed as a Tier 2 Sponsor and provide you a certificate of sponsorship.

The job you’re offered must have a particular skills level and pay £20,500 or more, depending on the job.


If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a genuine, credible and innovative business idea, this type of visa is for you. The initial visa is granted for one year with a right to extend it for another year.

After that, graduate entrepreneurs usually switch to Tier 1 Entrepreneur with an investment of £50,000 or Tier 2 General with an exemption from the Labour market test.

You can read more info here.


The government of the UK is receptive to new entrepreneurs, because it recognises that it is a positive and enriching for the country.

The initial visa will give you 3 years in the UK and, if during that 3 years you can show that you met certain criteria, you can then apply for a further 2 year extension visa. After 5 years you can applying for Permanent Residence in the UK.

On Entrepreneur you can have two different categories to access:

  1. £50k,
  2. £200k.


Our paralegal Jasper de Luna done an article where you can read detailed info about it: TIER 4 STUDENT VISA DEPENDANTS.


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