UK’s Traffic Light System: South Africa and Others Predicted to be Moved from Red List

UK’s Traffic Light System: South Africa and Others Predicted to be Moved from Red List

The highly anticipated new set of travel rules in the United Kingdom will be announced on 1 October, according to a recent briefing by Health Secretary Sajid Javid

Before any changes, UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is expected to make the latest announcement on what countries will be moved to the red, amber, and green lists later this week.

South Africa and a host of other countries could soon be taken off the UK’s travel ‘red list’.

Countries Likely to be Moved from Red List

With the upcoming changes to the travel rules, media outlets report that the red list would remain.

Appearing on the red list is an effective travel ban for the countries listed, as the UK will only allow entry only to British and Irish Nationals arriving from these high-risk countries. Additionally, upon entry into the UK, travellers from red list countries must quarantine in government-managed hotels at their own expense.

In recent weeks, dozens of companies have appealed to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to remove South Africa from the red list. They have stated that travel restrictions on travellers from South Africa have severely impacted trade and tourism between South Africa and the UK.

There are also hopes that Pakistan could finally be removed from the red list at the next travel review. Data shows that Pakistan’s case numbers are low, reporting an average of 3,512 new cases per day, and that number is declining.

Turkey and Maldives are also predicted to be removed from the list. 

Upcoming Changes on UK Travel

UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid is reportedly set to introduce a new framework for international travel to and from the UK in the coming weeks, which includes requirements for PCR tests and a ‘significant cut’ to the red list.

There are currently 62 countries on the UK’s ‘red list and local travel agencies and consultancies have indicated that as many as 24 countries could be removed from the list.

It is expected that the next travel update will be the final one in its current format.

From the start of October, it is predicted that amber and green lists will merge into a single list, although arrivals from red-listed destinations will still be required to quarantine in hotels.

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