Spain Aims to Overturn 90-Day Rule for British Tourists

Spain Aims to Overturn 90-Day Rule for British Tourists

Since the UK's departure from the European Union, the seamless travel, work, and residency opportunities that British citizens enjoyed within the EU have ceased.

Despite Brexit, British holidaymakers remain a significant market for Spain's tourism industry.

The Schengen Area regulations dictate that third-country citizens, including non-EU nationals entering the territory visa-free, are permitted a maximum stay of 90 days within a 180-day period.

For Britons who own secondary residences in Spain, navigating stays in the country post-Brexit has become notably complex.

Héctor Gomez, Spain's Minister of Industry, Trade, and Tourism, took the opportunity during his visit to London to engage with the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office regarding the challenges faced by UK residents wishing to visit Spain. The aim was to explore potential solutions to this issue.

Spain currently holds the EU Presidency until the year's end, presenting an opportune moment for advocating changes to these regulations.

While arguments have persisted that altering Schengen rules for singular countries is impractical, the recent precedent set by France may pave the way for Spain to seek its own revisions during its tenure.

Recently, the French senate approved a motion to grant second-home owners in France a right to stay longer than 90 days.

It is not yet made into law but the motion is being considered.

Travel Roadblocks After Brexit

British travellers face challenges due to the restrictive travel rules imposed following Brexit.
Aside from the 90-day cap, they are also stuck in mile-long passport control queues at the airport.

A huge number of British tourists fly to Spain every year.

Countless photos from the airport are on social media showing that the queue for EU citizens is often very small or non-existent, while the line for those with non-EU passports including British visitors often stretches back many metres.

In the coming months, the process of travelling from the UK to EU countries is due to change again. Soon, British passport holders have to register and go through the EU's new border control under the Entry/Exit System (EES) and get a travel authorisation under ETIAS.

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