Switzerland Set to Reopen Its Borders to Vaccinated Tourists

Switzerland Set to Reopen Its Borders to Vaccinated Tourists

Switzerland has set out its plan to reopen to vaccinated international tourists. The reopening comes just in time for the summer season.

The move follows many of Switzerland’s European neighbours, which recently reopened for vaccinated tourists such as France, Portugal, Spain, Greece, and Denmark. 

Switzerland Tourism, the nation’s tourist marketing arm, is already actively present in North America to provide information about existing protection measures and rules, as well as travel opportunities in Switzerland for the summer and autumn 2021.

I’m not only thrilled but also feel quite emotional that we finally can go back to what we do best; host guests from North America in our magnificent country.

I have long believed that Switzerland, with its small boutique towns, rustic villages dotted along picturesque valleys, and wide-open alpine landscapes is the natural choice for a post-Covid holiday. Now that the borders will be open, together with everybody in the Swiss Tourism Industry, we can’t wait to welcome each one of you.

Claudio Zemp, Director Americas for Switzerland Tourism

Switzerland Welcomes Back Tourists

Travellers who can prove that they are fully vaccinated will be able to travel without quarantine or PCR tests as early as 28 June. The law will be ratified by the Swiss government on 23 June.

Tourism officials said that more than 4,000 tourism-related businesses are using the Swiss “Clean & Safe” label to document the application of comprehensive protective health measures to help allay any fears travellers might have.

The opening includes a full opening of tourist infrastructures, including restaurants, events and leisure facilities.

COVID Variant of Concern 

Although Switzerland is set to ease restrictions to travellers from every corner of the world, they are still monitoring countries with worrying amounts of variants of concern. 

The authorities suggest that anyone coming from a country with a variant of concern will have to take a PCR test and undergo mandatory quarantine if they haven’t received a vaccination yet. They further suggest if the virus continues to mutate to a point where the vaccinations no longer work, all travellers regardless of having a vaccination or not may have to undergo quarantine.  

So, despite Switzerland opening up to vaccinated travellers, if the virus continues to mutate in your home country to a point where it decreases vaccine efficacy, you may face restrictions even if you’ve received two vaccinations.

The easing of restrictions is great news to vaccinated American travellers looking for a European vacation in July or August. US citizens now have many options in Europe, unlike last year, where Europe had practically banned all travel from the US.

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