France Omicron Travel Restriction: COVID Test Required for UK Travellers

France Omicron Travel Restriction: COVID Test Required for UK Travellers

In light of the developments surrounding the new COVID variant Omicron, France tightens travel restrictions for non-EU travellers regardless of vaccination status, following in the heels of Spain's announcement on travel restrictions for the UK.

At present, UK and other non-EU travellers may continue to enter France with proof of vaccination and a sworn declaration form.

Starting 4 December, France will implement new rules aimed at controlling the spread of the newly-detected Omicron variant.

The new rules will apply to all countries outside of the EU. The test can be either a PCR or an antigen, taken within 48 hours of travel.

Arrivals from the Schengen zone will only need to present a negative test if they are not fully vaccinated. This test will need to be taken 24 hours before travel.

French government spokesman Gabriel Attal, confirmed at the weekly press conference that the travel ban between France and South Africa would be extended into December.

France Test Requirement for UK Travellers

All travellers will require a negative COVID test in order to enter France from any country outside the EU or Schengen zone. This would include travellers from the UK.

The test must have been taken within 48 hours of departure. The decree states that only tests “that are able to detect protein N of Sars-Cov2” can be used – this covers all PCR tests but not all antigen tests. Home tests have never been accepted for travel purposes.

Bear in mind that many non-EU countries including the UK and USA are on France’s orange list, which means that unvaccinated people can only travel for essential reasons.

Flights Between South Africa and France

From Saturday, flights to and from South Africa will be allowed to land in France, but under very strict conditions.

These will include only allowing French and EU residents, diplomats, and flight staff to disembark and requiring travellers to have a COVID-19 test upon arrival before undergoing a seven-day quarantine, even if the result is negative. A positive test will require a 10-day quarantine period.

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