From Screen to Reality: Fans of Hit South Korean Netflix Series Overrun Swiss Village

From Screen to Reality: Fans of Hit South Korean Netflix Series Overrun Swiss Village

The Swiss village of Iseltwald, nestled in the canton of Bern, has found itself facing an unexpected challenge as fans of a popular South Korean Netflix series have flocked to the village prompting concerns from the local community.

Iseltwald was featured in the 2019 Netflix hit series “Crash Landing on You” capturing the imagination of viewers worldwide. However, the surge in tourism has led to overcrowding and inconveniences for the village residents.

Since then, Iseltwald has had to deal with large numbers of tourists much to the frustration of its residents who have since struggled with roadblocks due to inconveniently parked tour buses and tourist numbers getting out of hand.

In 2022, approximately 400,000 visitors descended upon Iseltwald, prompting the municipality to take action.

In response, the municipality has implemented measures to strike a balance between welcoming visitors and preserving the village's charm. 

Reservation System for Coaches

This year, the village will only allow in pre-booked coaches that pay for reserved parking spots.

According to the municipality, to visit Iseltwald by coach you will have to make an online reservation in advance via

You will need to pay directly by credit card at the time of booking. Coaches must arrive and depart during their booked timeframe and must not stay parked longer than 2 hours.

Note that visiting Iseltwald by coach without a reservation is prohibited and therefore punishable by law. Without a valid reservation, coach access to the village is strictly prohibited.

However, the municipality has slightly more lax rules in place for overnight guests and boat owners.

Groups arriving to the village by coach for more than a selfie stay such as dining at a restaurant or an overnight stay can pass through free of charge.

If you happen to own a boat, you are also allowed to dock as usual. You can also pick up a token for the turnstile at the restaurants or the village shop which will allow you to return to your boat for free.

Selfie Fees

In order to discourage the queue build-up around the 7-metre-long pier, the municipality has introduced a selfie fee.

If you wish to take a selfie on the popular pier, you will owe the village CHF5.

Additionally, two turnstiles have been installed to monitor access to the pier, further facilitating crowd management efforts.

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