Get Paid to Move to Spain With One Condition

Get Paid to Move to Spain With One Condition

A stunning Spanish town is offering expats the chance to be paid to relocate.

Ponga, a town and municipality in northwest Spain, says it will pay £2,600 (€2,971) to each person who chooses to relocate there and will add another £2,600 for each baby born there.

There’s only one condition: you have to commit to living in the town for five years or more.

The scheme aims to bolster the local economy.

Additional Reasons To Move To Ponga, Spain

For those considering to apply to move to Ponga, Spain scheme, Ponga boasts numerous advantages for potential applicants of the program. 

Ponga is located in the heart of the Cantabrian Mountains and is surrounded by river valleys.

Around the town is an expansive UNESCO-designated biosphere reserve where you can go hiking amongst verdant beach forests and wild daffodils.

The surrounding Asturias province is renowned for its rugged coastlines, plunging valleys, and soaring mountain peaks.

The nearest city to Ponga is Gijon, which is around 90 minutes away by car drive.

Ponga doesn't have its own airport, and the nearest major airport is Asturias Airport (OVD), which is approximately 116 km away from Ponga.

There are no direct flights from London to Asturias Airport, but there are many connecting flights available. The most common route involves flying from London Heathrow (LHR) to Madrid–Barajas Airport (MAD), then taking a connecting flight to Asturias Airport. 

The travel time can vary depending on the length of the layover and the airline, but the average travel time is around 4-5 hours, excluding layover time. So why would you delay to apply to move to Ponga, Spain?

Several locations have initiated similar initiatives intended to attract new populations to the area, frequently with more demanding conditions than the ones presented by this Spanish scheme. For example, Griegos in Aragón's Teruel province (northeast Spain) is also reportedly trying to attract new residents with incentives stating that Griegos Town Hall would offer three months rent-free to any families willing to move there.

Also, the Spanish village of Camarena de la Sierra, also in Aragón is offering new residents job offers and help with accommodation

apply to move to Ponga Spain - Ponga Natural Park

The Reality Behind Moving to Spanish Villages: Unpacking the Charm and Challenges

This opportunity of enchanting tales of Spanish towns like Ponga offers a financial embrace to those willing to adopt their quaint streets as home. These opportunities, while captivating, often gloss over the intricate tapestry of rural Spanish life and the hurdles in revitalising these communities. The initiative to apply to move to Ponga, Spain alongside others in Griegos and Camarena de la Sierra, reveals a nuanced landscape of fleeting opportunities and the stark need for economic and social rejuvenation.

Diving deeper, the allure of these offers masks the critical challenges many face upon arrival: limited job opportunities, essential services, and the cultural shift of adapting to rural living. The narrative, previously painted in broad strokes of financial incentives, now unfolds to show a picture requiring a keen eye for detail and a readiness to adapt to realities often left unspoken. The truth is, that such schemes are not a one-size-fits-all solution, but rather a call to action for those genuinely committed to making a difference in these communities.

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Apply to Move to Ponga SpainTaking the Leap with Eyes Wide Open

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