Mexico Digital Nomad Visa

Mexico Digital Nomad Visa

The world has seen a growing trend of remote workers seeking countries with favorable visa options.

Every year, tourists flood Mexico because of its stunning beaches, ancient ruins, rich culture, and its vibrant cities. If you’ve been dreaming of spending time in the country while being able to work remotely, the Mexican digital nomad visa maybe the right visa for you.

Mexico is a hotspot for digital nomads and it offers reliable internet connection, a low cost of living, amazing co-working spaces, and lots of fun things to see and do.

Mexico offers a digital nomad visa program that allows individuals to live and work legally within its borders.

Mexico Digital Visa Duration

As of now, Mexico does not offer a specific Digital Nomad Visa. However, the country has been considering implementing a visa for remote workers and digital nomads so that they can stay for longer periods.

Digital nomads in the country opt for the Temporary Resident Visa, which allows visa holders to stay in Mexico for up to 4 years. This is provided you meet certain financial requirements.

Eligibility Criteria

Mexico's temporary residence visa is open to nationals from all over the world. To apply, you have to demonstrate financial stability.

You need to prove you have any of the following:

  • A bank balance of at least $43,000 for the last 12 months.
  • You are the owner of a Mexican property (worth at least 346,000 USD)

You also need to prove that you have had an income of at least $2,595 per month for the last 6 months

Please note that if you’re planning on applying for a visa with dependents, the required minimum monthly income increases. You need to earn an extra $861 per month for each dependent.

The income requirements may change once a dedicated Mexico Nomad Visa is introduced.

You also need the following documents to apply:

  • A valid passport
  • A recent passport
  • Medical insurance coverage.
  • Original birth certificate.
  • No criminal record

How to Apply for a Mexico Digital Nomad Visa

Interested applicants need to submit the application at the nearest Mexican embassy or consulate and pay the fee.

Once the visa is granted, visa holders have 6 months to enter Mexico and register for temporary residence. Visa holders need to exchange their visa for a Temporary Residence Card at the Instituto Nacional de Migracion (INM) in Mexico in order to have legal resident status.

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