US Adds Several EU Countries to Travel Warning List

US Adds Several EU Countries to Travel Warning List

As part of its ongoing efforts to keep American travellers around the world safe, the United States has issued updated travel guidance once more. The United States is now advising against travel to destinations including Greece, Ireland, and Malta.

These destinations can now be found on the US State Department and US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Level 4 lists, prompted by increasing case numbers of COVID-19.

The most severe level of travel warning that the US Department of State can issue, the three nations join an ever-growing list of countries that the US is warning against travel to, as levels of COVID-19 continue to rise once more around the globe. 

A total of 16 destinations were added to its highest “Level 4: Very High” advisory level. Countries and territories with the new designation are:

  • Andorra (from level 3)
  • Curaçao (from level 2)
  • Gibraltar (COVID-19 data was previously unknown)
  • Greece (from level 3)
  • Guadeloupe  (from level 3)
  • Iran (from level 3)
  • Ireland (from level 3)
  • Isle of Man (from level 3)
  • Kazakhstan (from level 3)
  • Lesotho (from level 3)
  • Libya (from level 3)
  • Malta (from level 3)
  • Martinique (from level 3)
  • Saint Barthelemy (from level 1)
  • Saint Martin (from level 3)
  • US Virgin Islands (from level 3)

The new advisories in the US against travel to these destinations come at a time when many eagerly await when they will again be able to travel to the US.

Level 4 Classification

Destinations are classified as a “Level 4” if there are 500 COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people.

The travel recommendations, which are based on World Health Organization data and other official sources, are meant to “better differentiate countries with severe outbreak situations from countries with sustained, but controlled, COVID-19 spread,” according to the CDC's website.

International travel poses additional risks and even fully vaccinated travellers are at increased risk for getting and possibly spreading new COVID-19 variants. CDC recommends delaying international travel until you are fully vaccinated.”

Several countries have opened to American tourists around the world, like the UK and European countries, but the US continues to restrict non-essential travel for non-US citizens from several destinations, including from the United Kingdom and the European Union. The White House has indicated that policy likely won't change just yet.

Travellers banned from entering the US can apply for a National Interest Exception if they have an exceptional reason to be in the US. Alternatively, travellers can go to stay for 14 days in a country not banned by the US then proceed to travel to the US. Check out this blog post for more information: How to Avoid the US Travel Ban Without Breaking Any Rules.

All travellers who do fly into the US from an international destination are required to get tested within three days of boarding a flight, regardless of their vaccination status. 

What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you have plans to travel? Talk to us in the comment section below.

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