London City Airport Scraps 100ml Liquid Rule

London City Airport Scraps 100ml Liquid Rule

In a huge boost for holidaymakers, London City Airport has scrapped the 100ml liquids restriction for travellers.

Easter holidaymakers can now carry on up to two litres of liquid, and toiletries no longer have to be put in separate bags.

The new rules came into effect on 04 April as CT scanners will take high-resolution 3D images to check hand baggage and clothing for any dangerous or banned foods. 

The change will eventually be rolled out across all major UK airports after the British government set a June 2024 deadline for airports to install similar CT scanners at security. 

Under the current restriction, still in place at other UK airports, travellers can take liquids under 100ml but these must be placed in a re-sealable plastic bag that can be no larger than 20cm x 20cm and cannot exceed one litre. 

Under the new restrictions, travellers will be able to bring up to two litres of liquid, and toiletries will no longer have to be put in separate bags.

Airlines that fly from London City Airport include British Airways, Lufthansa and KLM.

It is important to take into consideration that while the liquid limits may not be applicable to outbound flights from London City Airport, they might be enforced when travellers come back. So make sure to check the policy of the destination before you travel.

Hand Carry Luggage

Airlines and airports are urging travellers to arrive on time and have their carry-on bags ready for security checks. Especially as the security guards at Heathrow Airport have gone on strike for 10 days since 31 March.

Passengers should also be mindful of other rules around what you can and can't take in hand luggage, with a ban still in place for the likes of corkscrews, knives, scissors longer than 6cm, non-safety matches, more than one lighter, fireworks and flares.

Each airport has different hand luggage rules. And, it's important to note that airport security staff will not let anything through that they consider dangerous even if it’s normally allowed in hand luggage.

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