Digital Nomad Guide in Lithuania

Digital Nomad Guide in Lithuania

Lithuania is quickly becoming an ideal destination for digital nomads.

Lithuania is not widely known to many but it does not mean that this picturesque Baltic state is less modern compared to its European neighbours. Lithuania is known for its internet quality as it is ranked among the fastest in the world. It takes fourth place in the EU and 9th in the entire world.

Although digital nomads rely on digital technologies to get their work done, it's not the only consideration when choosing a suitable destination.

Obviously, safety is paramount but as you go through your list of locations to move to, looking for a cheaper way of life is becoming a deal breaker for most digital nomads.

Why Choose Lithuania 

Cost of living index Numbeo has collated data for every country in Europe. They accounted for average rent, the cost of groceries, and the price of utilities and entertainment.

Lithuania, particularly the youthful capital Vilnius, boasts an abundance of coworking spaces. Numbeo gives it a rating of 48.8.

In comparison to other European countries, it is quicker, easier, and cheaper to get a visa in Lithuania if you are from a third country and it is not swamped with applications like other places in the EU.

An added benefit is that a Lithuanian Temporary Residence Permit allows you to travel within the Schengen Area, with your passport, for 90 days every 180 on a rolling basis.

Visa Required To Move To Lithuania 

Lithuania is part of the European Union and the Schengen zone. So if you are an EU citizen, you can stay for up to 3 months without registering in the country.

Digital nomads from the UK, US, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand or Japan, can apply for a fast-tracked, simplified visa which can generally be obtained in a couple of months.

The requirements for this visa are that you must be employed or self-employed, have a clean criminal record, have health insurance, and earn the Lithuanian minimum wage which is €600. Check out the official website for updated information.

Lithuania does not offer a visa that allows non-EU citizens to work in Lithuania as digital nomads.

An alternative to the digital nomad visa is the start-up visa.

Start-Up Visa In Lithuania

This visa allows the holder to live in Lithuania if they set up a start-up business in one of the allowed industries.

This means this is best suited to freelancers or other self-employed individuals. This visa allows you to obtain Permanent Residence and eventually Lithuanian Citizenship if you want. 

You must fulfill the conditions below to apply for a Lithuania start-up visa:

  • You must submit a start-up plan business that introduces new technologies or other innovations for the economical development of Lithuania.
  • Register your company in Lithuania.
  • Have health insurance coverage for the period of stay in Lithuania.
  • Have sufficient financial means for your stay in Lithuania.
  • Have accommodation for your entire stay in Lithuania.

You must establish a business in:

  • Financial technology
  • ICT
  • Biotechnology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Mechatronics
  • Laser technology

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