US Senate Voted to End COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

US Senate Voted to End COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

The US Senate voted on 29 March 2023 to terminate a COVID-19 pandemic ​national emergency order implemented by the former President in March 2020 that was due to be terminated on 11 May.

The resolution, H.J.Res 7, passed the upper chamber in a 68-23 vote, with 21 Democrats joining Republicans in support of the bill.

The emergency declaration was first passed at the outset of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The US Travel Association applauded the Senate's passage of the bill to terminate the federal COVID-19 emergency declaration before its expiration date, claiming that the removal of the vaccine requirement for travel will boost inbound tourism and the economy.

Currently, only fully vaccinated foreign citizens can enter the US however children aged 17 and under are exempt from the requirement.

The next step is for the White House to sign off on the bill, ending the vaccine mandate about a month ahead of its expiration date.

A White House official reportedly said that, while the president doesn’t agree with the measure if it comes to his desk, “he will sign it, and the administration will continue working with agencies to wind down the national emergency with as much notice as possible to Americans who could potentially be impacted.”

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