Record Number of British Nationals Regretting Brexit

Record Number of British Nationals Regretting Brexit

British nationals are increasingly regretting their decision to leave the European Union despite Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's claims that it was beneficial to the UK.

The majority of British nationals would vote to rejoin the EU, with more than 60 percent believing Brexit to have been more of a failure than a success, according to a new survey.

A YouGov poll, which recently surveyed 2,151 adults found 51 percent of British nationals would vote to rejoin the EU, while 32 percent would stick with the 2016 decision to leave the bloc.

63 percent of those surveyed stated they consider Brexit to have been more of a failure than a success, while only 12 percent said they see it as a success and 18 percent as neither a success nor a failure.

On top of thousands of respondents that have changed their minds and would vote to remain in the EU, seven in ten Brits say that the government handled Brexit poorly. The trend shows that the number of respondents that think the government handled the exit badly has been increasing since 2021, while the number of those that think the opposite is constantly dropping, to be hitting its lowest rate at 18 percent.

It comes after former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, who was a prominent figure in the campaign to leave the European Union, proclaimed Brexit to be a failure.

Leaving the EU has had some severe impact on the British economy. British business investment has barely grown since mid-2016 in contrast with other advanced economies. 

Brexit Impact On EU Travel

Leaving the European Union has had far-reaching consequences across multiple industries, including the travel industry.

Brexit brought to an end the right to “free movement” between the UK and the EU. However, the withdrawal agreement protects the existing rights of Europeans living in the UK, and British nationals on the continent, who were already residents when Brexit took effect.

British nationals without residency rights in the EU are only allowed to visit Schengen area countries for 90 days in every 180-day period. They are also required to have a valid passport with at least six months validity remaining to enter the EU. 

In addition, UK travellers are essentially now subject to the same visa requirements as travellers from other non-EU countries when visiting EU states.

This means that UK citizens may need to obtain a visa for trips longer than 90 days or for specific purposes such as work or study.

The visa application process can be time-consuming and expensive, adding to the overall cost of travel for UK citizens.

Brexit Impact On EU Residency

Brexit has changed the way British citizens live and work in the EU.

The UK has granted “settled status” to more than six million people under its EU Settlement Scheme for EU, EEA (European Economic Area), and Swiss nationals, along with their family members living in the country. 

British nationals living in the EU by the end of 2020 also have the right to stay but need to have the right paperwork. This varies across EU countries, with some adopting a stricter approach than others. UK citizens planning to live and work in the EU need to apply in accordance with that country's existing immigration rules and make sure that their professional qualifications are recognised in the EU as well.

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